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99/101 Queen Victoria Street

99/101 Queen Victoria Street 99/101 Queen Victoria Street 99/101 Queen Victoria Street

The Salvation Army owned 99-101 Queen Victoria Street, but no
longer needed the whole building; the redevelopment released over 8,000m² of lettable office space, effectively providing a new building at no cost to the Army. The new development was designed as two
independent buildings – one the Salvation Army headquarters, the other speculative offices – two separate parts with a consistent
elevational treatment of the larger whole.

The brief: ‘Modern in design, frugal in operation and evangelical in
purpose’. Full-height glazing provides views in and out, creating a working environment which is open, welcoming and transparent.
Imagery and signage on the glass link the religious with the secular, expressing the ethos of the Army and welcoming its visitors.

The chapel, on the first floor, hangs over the entrance into the external public space, radiating a golden light at night.

The front elevation has a layered and high quality engineered look. The use of hot rolled steel sections as part of the cladding provides visual weight and supports an outer screen of fritted glass. This provides solar shading to the exposed west elevation, acts as a visual mask to the outside of the building, retains privacy to building users and gives the development a much stronger street presence.

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