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University of Cumbria, student gateway

University of Cumbria, student gateway University of Cumbria, student gateway University of Cumbria, student gateway

The building is designed to be environmentally sensitive maximising the use of natural ventilation and using local natural materials. The Student Gateway is intended to be the new flagship building for the Lancaster Campus when the College becomes the University of Cumbria, and has been designed to achieve a BREEAM ‘very good’ rating. Following a re-evaluation of the identified site for the building it has been designed to create and new gateway for the campus and act as the focal point on the Lancaster campus for all student welfare services (570m2), a new central campus catering outlet (1100m2) and office accommodation for 70 persons (280m2). The design makes use of a Lakeland stone facing to the ground floor plinth onto which a cantilevered timber element has been positioned to create a rugged appearance in keeping with the building’s Lakeland roots.


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    Photographs by Foxley Photography full gallery here

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