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Broadfield Road

Broadfield Road Broadfield Road Broadfield Road

Broadfield Road is a landmark development comprising of 57 new residential units, a public courtyard and public artwork situated in Manchester close to the former site of Manchester City Football Club, now a major centre for regeneration in the area.

The site of the former Broadfield Road Swimming Baths in Moss Side and is on projected connection between Princess Parkway, the main route between Manchester and its airport, and the cleared site of the old football ground. The site is surrounded by terraced housing, some allotments and, on its south side, by a large bus depot.

Mosscare Housing Ltd. required a Landmark scheme that would:-

• Maximise the density at this prominent location
• Provide new housing for rent combining houses and flats in a mix of 3 to 9 person dwellings
• Be contemporary in character, sustainable and set a standard for future development in the area
• Create a place that people would want to live by choice
• Be economic to construct and provide low running costs for the residents without compromising the design
• Create a secure environment for residents with a clear definition of public and private space

A new city block has arisen that has a strong presence. The dramatic streetscape is tall enough to give an urban scale without dwarfing the surrounding housing.

Traditional construction was adopted for robustness, to reduce the cost of future maintenance, and to ground the scheme within the surrounding area. It has a strong and coherent hierarchy of forms and materials with:-
• Bold, distinctive and colourful features at the corners of the site with the main one carrying a landmark structure to give a reference point visible along routes through Moss Side
• Formal ‘towers’ forming gateways to each entrance of the new square
• A red brick for projecting and a buff for receding planes
• A profiled metal sheet system for roofs allowing flat planes and curved broken skylines
• A strong copper theme to cladding infill, bays and windows as a vertical unifier to the forms and brick colours

The scheme is compliant with the high targets of Manchester City Council’s ‘Design for Access 2’ standards and the national police initiative ‘Secured By Design’. High insulation and energy efficiency standards were incorporated in the design in order to reduce the environmental impact of the new dwellings and ensure reduced running costs for the residents.

The historical use of the site can be seen in the subtly reflected curves and combinations of colours as well as the reuse of old stones from the former baths.

For the present, the dedication of the central square to Gerry Wheale, one of the founders of Mosscare Housing Ltd, provides a sensitive and appropriate reminder of the association’s position as a key provider of housing in this area now and over the last 40 years.

Whilst the development fits into the existing streetscape it also remains distinct from its surroundings and represents the first stage in a process of regeneration focused on the old football ground that will create more new sustainable housing to meet the needs of the 21st century.

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