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Rock House

Rock House Rock House Rock House

The form and linear plan of Rock House was influenced by the Longhouses associated with the historical Clachans traditional to the upper Tay Valley, being one such settlement. The site, an elevated rocky promontory, is enclosed by Larch trees, through which panoramic views of Loch Tay can be seen. The clients were keen for the house to respond to this site allowing inside/outside living and be eco without the woolly jumpers with all materials being natural. In contrast with the early stone built longhouses, which were built to protect their inhabitants against the climate, this house does not suggest a series of impenetrable walls, but a sense of openness to its external surroundings.

The zinc-clad roof, curving to mimic the profile of a thatched roof, has deep overhangs creating morning and evening covered decks providing shading in summer whilst maximising sunlight during winter months. This roof along with the house being set into the rocky crag ensures that it maintains a low profile on the landscape.

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