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Russell Place

Russell Place Russell Place Russell Place Russell Place

A new extension to an existing Listed Victorian villa in a Conservation Area in North Edinburgh is a replacement for an existing sun room and provides a new south facing dining / family room, guest suite and utility room.

Designed to complement the traditional stone villa, the extension has been conceived as a series of glazed timber screens under a canopy roof supported on a lightweight steel structure, set between the villa and the solid timber ‘box’ of the existing garage. The latter has been stripped back and clad in matching cedar to incorporate it into the composition.

The roof pitches up to allow high level glazing to bring in extra daylight that is in turn reflected in mirrors designed to make the interior space appear continuous and the partitions appear to ‘float’ below the roof.

The existing kitchen has been comprehensively remodelled and opened up to form a continuous space with the new dining /family room. Large sliding doors allow the new rooms to open directly to the canopied deck and sunny courtyard outside. Electronic controls enable special lighting effects to the courtyard and the interior.

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