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Pinsent Masons

Pinsent Masons Pinsent Masons Pinsent Masons

Whilst the majority of business in the UK have embraced open plan accommodation, law firms remain in large cellular. The Pinsent Masons Manchester fit out (35,000 sqft) sought to challenge the perception that open plan cant work for lawyers.

Our team began the full commission in February 08. We started by conducting a national benchmarking reference tour of legal fit outs recognised as “Industry leading” in order for our client team to understand what other firms had learnt during the process. In addition to the tour our designers undertook a “pre occupation survey” of the firms current premises in Manchester and measured staff satisfaction with the environment and facilities which then formulated into a report highlighting potential areas where the firm could improve.

Following this survey, the project became incredibly exciting and unique in its approach. Unlike many law firms, PM. is to work open plan and aims its new Manchester fit out to become a beacon for the industry. Through detailed engagement with every aspect of the firm, our designers have produced a radically new approach to legal working environments that not only increases better interaction between employees but also provides significant private space for more focused tasks. Every component is design to aid cross interaction whilst respecting the need to concentrate. Because of this unique open culture, HKR and Pinsent Mason have evolved a fit out response which saves significant space for the firm and thus becomes inherently sustainable.

The resulting design has not only recognised the cultural benefit for a law firm working open plan but also the significant value in creating a highly flexible and future proof sustainable approach. The whole design is focused around the concept of community enhancement and creating a choice of environments tailored to how differing people wish to work.

Photographs by SG Photography

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