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Clyde Gate Park and Walkway

Clyde Gate Park and Walkway Clyde Gate Park and Walkway Clyde Gate Park and Walkway

In addition to the development platform and infrastructure works the site includes extensive high quality public gardens and a riverside walkway. A focus of the open space is the public art, a five metre high bronze sculpture entitled “Change” which is a statement on Clydebank’s ambition for the future reflecting the long history and connection with the riverbank and shipbuilding. The sculpture stands at the apex of the gardens, overlooking Agamemnon Street and the Clyde.

The proposals made use of local and site won materials such as reclaimed sandstone, granite and granite setts. Sandstone reclaimed from the former railway abutments was used to clad the retaining wall at the site entrance. Site won granite blocks form incidental seating throughout the open green space and reclaimed granite setts from the former dock side at Queens Quay were cleaned, sorted and selected to form paving along the pedestrian walkways.

Given the site’s history as a shipyard and asbestos factory, site remediation was a significant element of the project, as was the eradication of invasive weeds, Field Horse Tail and Japanese Knotweed. Bioremediation of in-situ contaminated material was also carried out to reduce the hydro-carbon content of material for re-use on site.

The site is adjacent to the Inner Clyde Special Protection Area, a highly significant European natural heritage designation. This imposed restrictions relating to site activities and noise levels due to tidal and roosting cycles of nearby protected species.


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