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Small Animal Teaching Hospital

Small Animal Teaching Hospital Small Animal Teaching Hospital Small Animal Teaching Hospital

The Small Animal Teaching hospital in Liverpool provides a modern veterinary teaching and referral hospital on a greenbelt site, adjacent to the faculty’s equine and farm animal hospitals. The concept employs sustainable solutions to blend with the local environment and to provide a focus to the otherwise architecturally disparate Leahurst site.

The curved design is defined by the 100 metre long solid sandstone wall, sourced from a local quarry and matching the original Leahurst House, fronting the hospital. This encloses the public garden and parking area and provides a screen to the hospital behind. A fully
glazed waiting area stands in front of the centre reminiscent of a kitchen garden greenhouse.

As a single storey building the design makes the most of the natural
daylight with multiple skylights over the main corridors and windows providing light to adjoining rooms. ‘View slots’ throughout the
design also inform users of the front and back of the building and internal windows ease contact from one department to another, ridding the usually ‘warren like’ concept of hospital design. The roof lights operate automatically with ventilation while under floor heating keeps the animal’s paws warm and the floors dry.

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